Istory of the American Labor Movement 1

This is a level 4000 course
Essay Queation;
Historians have identified two competing labor movements of the post civil war era through the late nineteenth century. Each movement had its own distinct approach to confronting the shift to large-scale industrial organization or monopoly capitalism, and the legal repression that accomponied this change.
Discuss the main ideas and programs of these two movements as they relate to the impact of industrial change and judicial repression on labor in order to explain the eventual dominance, or triumph, of AFL trade unionism in this period.
Requires texts;
-Brecher, Jeremy. Strike!revised and updated edition. Boston: South End Press, 1997 Chapters 1-4 (only).
-Forbath, William. Law and the Shaping of the American Labor Movement”. Cambridge, MA. : Harvard University Press, 1991.
-Foner, Eric. The Idea of Free Labor in Nineteenth-Century America”
-Hattam, Victoria. Courts and the Question of Class: Judicial regulation of Labor Under the Common Law Doctrine of Criminal Conspiracy”.
Identifications for this paper include;
*Labor theory of value
*Peoples Party (populists), 1892
*Common Law Doctrine of Conspiracy
*Free Labor Ideology (Foner)
*Freedom (or Liberty) of Contract
*Knights of Labor
*Great Railroad Strike of 1877
*Pullman Strike, 1894. (Forbath)
*The Communist Manifesto, 1848
*American Federation of Labor Voluntarism”
*Clayton Anti-Trust Act, 1914 (Forbath)
*Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 1886.
*What Social Classes owe to Each Other(1883) by William Graham Summner
*Pullman Strike, 1894. (Forbath)
*In re Jacobs (Forbath)
*Andrew Furuseth (Forbath)