Istory of the mental illness, bipolar disorder

History of Mental Illness Treatment
This topic asks you to do some historical research. Look into the history of assessment and treatment of mental illness prior to the 1950 s in the United States and Europe. You need at least 5 references, one of which can be your text. Some of these issues ask you think about what you have learned and to extrapolate your own opinion from the available data. In your paper, make sure you address ALL of the following issues:

” How were mental illnesses seen prior to the advent of psychotropic medications? (or how did people explain them?) Give examples.
” What types of treatments were used and for which illnesses? What was the  theory behind these treatments or why were they developed?
” How successful were these treatments?
” What social impact did the treatments have on families and society? How did the treatments influence or how were they influenced by existing social stigma?
” What types of treatments are used today? How are they different from the older treatments?
” How do you think people 70 years from now will look at the treatments that we use now?

Each paper is worth 50 points. One of the best things you can to do maximize your points for the paper is to ask a friends to read your paper OUT LOUD to you after you have finished it (this is after you have reviewed multiple drafts, etc.). As you listen to them, whenever they stumble as they read or slow down because they are confused about what you are saying, it usually reveals some flaws in your paper. Take time to go over those sections and improve them. Each paper should be at least 6 pages long, double-spaced (but don t make it too long). If the margins of a paper look funny, I sometimes DO measure them!

This assignment assumes that no matter your topic, you will have an organized structure to your paper with an introduction, major points, transitions, and a conclusion. If you are unsure how to write a paper, come see me first! Remember that the introduction should create interest in the reader: it should link the topic of the paper to wider themes or issues in society or within ourselves so that the reader has some reason to read it. The conclusion should also  wrap up the paper by summarizing the key problems and points of the paper and linking the ideas back to the introduction.

Papers should follow APA format, but you do not need to write in manuscript format (so you can omit the running header, the abstract, etc.). You DO need a title page with your name on it! You will also need a References page at the end of your paper with your references done appropriately in APA format.

You should know that I consider grammar to be important; poor grammar makes it difficult to understand what you are saying or confuses your meaning. Grammar, overall, is worth 5 points in the paper, so please make sure that your paper has good grammar. In addition, paper organization (intro, conclusion, transitions, major points) and proper use of APA format is worth a total of 15 points.

Thoughtfulness, originality, and quality of writing is worth an additional 10 points; these points are gained by clearly linking your paper to the course material and expanding upon it, by developing your own opinion and points clearly and by succinct and specific writing. Vague or overly elaborated papers that wander aimlessly would not do well in this area of grading!

20 points are reserved for the content of your paper: how well you answered the questions or dealt with the assigned issues in the paper, how well your references are appropriate to the topic, how well you answered the purpose of the paper.