Istory of the original inhabitants in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada before the European Settlers Arrived.

Essay purpose is to inform reader about the Original inhabitants of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada before the European Settlers arrived (indicate/ identify who they were, and include EXTENDED background information). History related essay; please use relevant dates related to topic throughout, and it is necessary to have at least 3 sources of reliable information.

In this research essay, I also need you to refer to Newmarket,Ontario, Canada as your Hometownmainly in opening/ closing paragraphs(but do NOT over kill it).

With regards to formatting please use Calibri font, size 12, double space whole essay, and indent for every new paragraph. Use citations, and direct quotations of sources; simple APA format. Please include a short, alphabetically arranged reference list on a new page, Italicize titles and Double space through out.

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