Istory of Western Art Renaissance to Modern

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THE MAIN TEXT BOOK IS Kleiner, Fred. Gardneras Art Through the Ages, Western Perspective, Volume II, 14th ed. “

Istory of Western Art Renaissance to Modern

With the dawn of the Renaissance in Europe during the 14th century, painters, sculptors and architects responded to an ever-growing body of knowledge and stimulus. The Medici family of Florence was committed humanists who encouraged the exploration of the universe from the perspective of what could be known by man. Man became the center of the universe during the next several generations.
Discuss what the role of philosophies such as humanism played in the arts of the Renaissance. Were there any political considerations that might have also influenced the production of art? (competition between city-states, economic advancement of a so-called middle classa¦) How are the new ideals of the age manifested in the arts? (what styles become prominent? What role does natural observation play?) Be sure to illustrate your discussion with at least three examples from different regions. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST TREE EXAMPLES.
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Kleiner, Fred. Gardner s Art Through the Ages, Western Perspective, Volume II, 14th ed.

This is our text book. you can find sources in this book Thanks!