Istory Subject: The Struggle for Universal Human Rights. Topic Attached

It is pertinent that this essay is very well researched and written in a professional manner. My preferred writer (4499) wrote a previous piece for this subject for me (order # 131409) and whilst I received just above an average grade, it was noted that the essay was very well written (I agree) but thinly researched (I wouldn t have known). The syntax and writing style needs to be similar in this essay.

I just got pulled up the history department as I handed in an essay written by this service (for this piece of assessment) which was vastly different from the writing style of my initial piece that 4499 did. As such, this is a re-submission if you like.

I have attached the topic. 4499  I need another good piece like the first one!

Please be careful, research and write the essay well with a relevant bibliography.

Thankyou in advance