Istory: The American Experience: Review Essay Assignment on the book, Sam Patch, the famous jumperby Paul E. Johnson

This assignment asks you to produce a short essay or review. Please reproduce the prompt at the start of the essay. Your reivew is to be produced in hard copy, double-spaced, and closely proofread and spell-checked. Please cite sources as you mention or draw from them (foodnotes, endnotes, or parenthetcal references are all fine). Please do your own work throughout. Essays are to be between 1200 and 1500 words. Because the word count is relatively short, you must make certain to hit the ground running in your essay. You will do better to work through drafts, especially if your drafts get shorter and sharperas you revise. Please title your essay.
Prompt: Find three scholarly reviews of Paul E.Johnson book Sam Patch, the famous jumper (hill and wang)from this course (reviews which appeared in scholarly journals or in such publications as The New York Review of Books). Write an essay that both summarizes the response of the three reviews (be sure to tell us what they are) and weaves your own arguments and points of view into the essay in terms of your response to the book and the reviews.