Istory Wrting of the Declaration of Independence

This paper is to be 6 pages long in length no less than 6 pages. Font: Times Roman Font Style: Regular Size:12 All papers are to have a reference page, APA format and the following rules applies, the reference page and the title page doesnt count for your 6 pages. Footnotes: now in the body of your work you do not need to put your footnotes at the bottom of each page. Rather you can do the following for this paper…. Just an example…The War of 1812 was started by America.”(Kucsan,2009) or (the authors last name). Now if you are using more than one article by the same person then you need to put in the title of the article… such as (Kucsan,2009,Consequences of the war of 1812). This final exam paper will be worth 200 points or 20% of your final grade. It will be graded as follows:
100 points for the content of the paper
30 point for the organization
40 points for the formatting
30 points for your references and footnotes..

Thanks!!! the topic of my paper is : Writing of the declaration of Independence and in this paper I am to discuss its origins and drafting.. Feel free to add information other than those two things to make it an A PLUS PAPER!!!