Istributed Business Application Coursework 2

This coursework is based on Designing not programming or building anything using any programming language.

Question 1 is based on designing and on the assignment sheet has been drawn Actors and Use Cases Diagram, however the use case diagram that has been highlighted in yellow will be needed to be used and need to add two or three extra use cases on top of them no more, and it should be simple not complicated it, where as question 1 is being sub divided into section a,b,c,d.

One part that asks to draw the use case diagram.

One part asks to describe the Scenario of each use case diagram; this is an example of the Scenario:

Use case name: Log out

Description: The user logged out of the Web Calendar

Actors: User

Preconditions: The user is logged into the web calendar.

Flow of Events:

1. The user logs out of the web calendar
2. The system goes out into the authorization area to begin login into the system.

Exceptions: if the user has not saved any events that he made, they will get lost.

Postconditions: The user is logged out of the web calendar.

One part asks to draw the Sequence diagram.

One part asks to draw the Class diagram

Question 2 , 3 , 4, 5, 6 will be writing.

I have a lesson every Friday with my tutor, so if you can submit me a version that i can show it to my tutor and discuss with her if there is any query that is required to be done in this coursework, Therefore i would ask you kindly to fix the missing part.

Many Thanks for your help.
Could you please follow certain chapters in  Enterprise Java with UML , by C T Arrington and S H Rayhan; John Willey and Sons 2003, ISBN 0-471-26778-3, which can assist you in tasks 2-6.