Istributed vs. Massed practice: which produces better learning.

The goal is to convince readers that the position you take (Distributed Practice) is correct by presenting the relevant data on the topic.
At least three journal articles must be referenced. Your view in the reaction paper must be supported by psychological science (including neuroscience, social psychology, neurobiology). Your feelings and impressions are not relevant in this paper; rather it is scientific data that you must draw upon. You do not have to be balanced. Choose arguments that support Distributed Practice,and refute arguments that may support the other position (Massed Practice) Think of this as a a?debate.a?
Paper will not be read if they contain fewer than 900 words, nor will they be read if they are more than 1100 words. The word limit refers to the body of the paper and does not include title page, references, and any supplementary material.