Istributorship ContractICC ModelSecond EditionEarly Termination of the contract; article 19 and 20.Legal basis is English Common Law.

first of all, i want you to send all sources.I need all sources.Please dont forget it. and i prepare some plan about my thesis:

my topics description:

the first part: introduction:
1) explain dissertation topicdefined it-
2)give some information about ICC ( when did established, members ect..)
3)idendified the legal systemEnglish law-
4)diffrences of the first and second edition; total change( general) and some part change( specific my topic, first edition article 18 and 19,second edition article 19 and 20)
second part: draft table of contex
chapter one: termination of distributor contract in english law, theory part, working title.
chapter second: some samples of english business life, practic part ( for example car mark)
chapter third: comparative us law
chapter four: conclusion