IT fashion merchandising management essay help

Hello! I am going to start out with some background information and then show you the body of the essay I have already written. I am applying to a 1 year online fashion merchandise management program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I already went to a 4 year college and graduated last year, but its been a while since Ive written an essay and Im having trouble with the introduction and the ending of my essay. The full essay should be no more than 750 words, I think I have about 395 so far. I love fashion and I am interested in joining a career that involves the business aspect of the fashion world. Ideally, I would like to be an international buyer for a high fashion womens clothing boutique that focuses on selling unique and quality pieces from extroverted, skilled couture designers as well as haute couture designers. This is basically my reason of interest in applying to FIT; so now that you have my background knowledge, this is what I wrote so far:

By nature, I have always been an observant person. I especially notice people and clothing. I often will look at someone in particular in any given setting and use my background knowledge of why they are behaving in a certain way. I ask myself what events led to this persons decision to present themselves in this way. My curiosity of all the strangers surrounding me is what causes me to want to learn more about people all over the world. When I look at clothing (womens clothing especially), I notice the details of each piece, and I yearn for the perfect combination of refined basics and exclusivity. This fascination of people and detail has lead me to receive a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology at my previous university. I strongly believe that fashion generates a global connection. Each designer has targeted their own style that was birthed through their cultural influences as well as individual encounters; therefore, anyone from anywhere around the world can wear one of these pieces and interpret this creation in their own way based on where they are coming from.
I also received a BA in education that has habituated me to consider new and alternative ways to engage all students in the learning process. In order to be successful at learning something, one must be inclined to learn more. There must be a spark of interest to set off the student and drive them to want more. I have always been passionate about fashion. If I were to attend FIT, all my classes and hard work would feel more meaningful to me than ever because it is simply what I want to learn. I have a vision of what I want to do in fashion, but I must be educated in certain areas that lead to this vision. Ideally, I see myself as an international buyer for womens clothing. I see myself exerting my individuality in this field because I would be promoting the individuality of other great designers. This job includes a lot of risks and careful consideration, stemming from all sorts of conditions. I want to gain more knowledge from FIT about how and what I need to do to reach my vision and be able to live in it. I am interested in the Fashion Merchandise Management major because it will tie in all the important roles of the fashion world, and teach the business skills of each contributing factor.

….and if you notice a grammatical error or awkward sentence would you mind editing it? thank you!