ItherPoverty in Africaor Corruption in Africa”

This is a development economics paper. I would want you to choose one of any of these topics above, and a Thesis statement”, with possible solutions and references with page number.If writing on Poverty in Africa, first of all define poverty, and then expand on its causes and effect, and if Financial Aidhelps, and statistical values and evidence to support. I would want all references listed including page numbers for any of the topics you choose, and their solutions. I would like to get a good grade on this paper because it is so important. I would want it done thoroughly thought out and planned so the paper flows accordingly.

With the second topic,Corruptionwhich i actually prefer, i would like you to discuss things like:
1. What are some causes of the internal displacement in Africa?
2. How is corruption impacting the African people?
3. What are the impacts of internal displacement in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Somalia?
Corruption immobilizes the governmental authority and leads to crisis of national unity, which leads to civil wars, and which consequently leads to mass internal displacements. Statistical evidence and graphs should be included in both topics with anyone chosen because it is a requirement. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks