Itigroup crisis Management and continuity plan

The organisation is Citigroup which is based in America. The assignment details are given below.

Provide an overview of the Citigroup business continuity and crisis management (BCCM) function in actual use (i.e. as executed during the crisis). This crisis must have taken place in the last five years, and must have been a public event.

Provide Business Impact Analysis of the event in question using only information in the public domain before the event occurred.

Provide a critique of the Citigroups response to this crisis, minimally touching upon the following points:
1)Incident Management
2)Disaster recovery and continuity plan
3)Identify 3 stakeholders. Insure atleast one of these stakeholders are foreign; in other words, not American. Note specific actions of each to the success or failure of the organisations efforts to deal with this crisis.
4)The role of external regulation in the crisis management framework.

This paper should be structured as a report written to the board, reviewing and critiquing the event managements actions in retrospect.

The report should include what happen before the crisis, during the crisis and post crisis (recovery) as mentioned above. Use frameworks like Business Crisis and Continuity Management Framework (BCCM), Business continuity management plan (BCMP)or Business continuity framework (BCF) etc. Framework theory need not be explained. But apply that theoretical concept to the crisis case study (Citigroup).

Use theories and concepts from Elliot book mentions above.