Iting a source on any topic and the instructions can be seen in the order instructions box.

Citing Sources (please you can choose your own sources).
Open Find a source on any topic and use the 4 sources to create a main point. See my (the instructor) example below:

The current war on drugs is failing. (statement) According to a 2009 Time magazine article, a?Catchy slogans are no match for chemical addictions, however, study after study showed that programs such as DARE-no matter how belovedproduced negligent results. And while the Bush administrationas 2002 goal of reducing all illegal drug use by 25% led to unprecedented numbers of marijuana-arrests, pot use only declined 6% (and the use of other drugs actually increased).a? (support) This proves that something has to change. (summarize) Now that you know that current methods are not working, letas look at the other options for fighting the war on drugs. (signpost)”

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