Itizen journalism compared to professional journalism coverage and techniques

Citizen Journalism

Directions from Professor:

The most excitinga and, to some traditional journalists, most worryinga development of new media is citizen journalism, specifically, news coverage, usually online, by people who donat work for commercial news organizations. Some citizen journalists are producing regular reporting for growing audiences. Their focus may be on local communities, as is the case with Or it may be broader, as with the activist, an international collective that publishes online editions in a number of major cities, with a strongly anti-establishment slant.

Spend some time with the citizen journalists at The Third Report and Independent Media Center. Compare their reports with the stories in the mainstream media from the same geographic areas. Where does the coverage overlap, and what stories are different in each medium? What sources seem to serve the citizens best?

Write your analysis in two to three pages. Incorporate citations within the text when referring to the sites and your textbook, Online Journalism. Include a cover page and references page. They are in addition to the two to three pages of text you need to write for this assessment.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.