Itizen Kane ,the mise-en-scene and cinematography

With reference to a number of key scenes in a?Citizen Kanea discuss the visual virtuosity and technical style of a?Citizen Kanea. In your essay you may discuss the mise-en-scene and cinematography including; film techniques, camera movements, lighting, music and sound track, long takes, depth of field, close-ups, editing, transitions, acting and narrative structure used in Citizen Kane (1941) and in other films directed by Orson Welles (e.g. The Lady from Shanghai (1948) and Touch of Evil (1958)).
After collecting relevant material the student should write an essay approximately 2000 2500 words in length. Your essay should include some textual analysis of at least one film or film clip that you have seen on the module.
Marks will be awarded for a clear, logical presentation, which is well structured and researched.
All reference material should be clearly indicated. The references and bibliography should use the appropriate reference formats (including full web URLs),
Book reference a Nelmes J (ed.), An Introduction to Film Studies, (Second Edition), Routledge, 1999, 161 208
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