Itizen Participation, Public Policy, and Social Change

Citizen Participation, Public Policy, and Social Change

a? Review the assigned chapter in the course text.
a? Review and complete the PoliCentral Simulation 2 in the Learning Resources.
a? Consider how the policies affected the group in the simulation.
a? Think about how public policy can affect social change.
a? Reflect on the responsibilities of citizens in affecting public policy (and subsequently social change).
to 3-paragraph analysis of how to initiate social change in current American society. Based on the PoliCentral simulation, provide at least two examples of obstacles that groups interested in promoting positive social change have to address. Identify two lessons that you learned from the simulation that might be useful for helping groups who want to promote positive social change.

Click on the Simulation 2: CITIZEN ACTION: NO BIOTERRORISM LAB link.
When you get to the Laureate American Democracy site, click Resources (top left menu link).
Bishop, B. J., Vicary, D. A., Browne, A. L., & Guard, N. (2009). Public policy, participation and the third position: The implication of engaging communities on their own terms. American Journal of Community Psychology, 43(1-2), 111 121.
Use the ProQuest Central database, and search using the articles title.