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Essay construction.

The essay should have an introduction that
* open the main issue of the question
* indicate the way in which the question will be address.
* outline how the essay is constructed
* offers a statement of the types of conclusion that will be drawn; and
*suggest why the question is important

The essay should have a structure that
*is logical and flowing; and
*contains points that have been formed into paragraphs that are linked together.

The essay should not
*present materials more than once; and
*leap from one issue to another without appropriate linkages.

The conclusion should
* provide a summary of the essays main points;
*offer a final, viewpoint or argument; and
*draw the essay to a close.

The Conclusion should not;
*introduce material that has not been covered in the main body of the essay.

Knowledge and understanding
The essay should demonstrate that the student has
* grasped the main points related to the question
*chose appropriate theories to answer the question;
* appreciate the theoretical issues underpinning the question;
*integrate the main points with the theoretical perspectives of the subject.

The essay should not
* be an exhaustive list of everything the writer knows about the question.

Quality of argument;
*provide a sound argument;
*support arguments presented with theories;
*present arguments in an academic manner;
*support the position presented with legitimate evidence;
*provide alternative position and;
*be analytical.

The essay should not be
* Overly descriptive.

The use of sources and references

The essay should
* use source and references in order to support the arguments presented;
*make good use of available literature;
*reference all sources in the body of the text;
*present all sources in the reference section and;
* use the correct style for referencing

Style and expression

The essay should
* be clearly written;
*written in the third person;
*contain correct spelling;
* use appropriate grammar;
* be academic in style;

The referencing used should be the  Author date system , which is often referred to as the  Harvard System