Itizenship and Social Exclusion in England and Turkeys schools

As a student i believe that the Crick Report on citizenship education which has been introduced in to English schools does fall short in its representing minorities and in its discussion of identity and diversity.i do agree with Starkey and Oslers criticisms of the Crick Report. And do believe that the Citizenship Education is a waste of time, because it does not represent a multicultural citizenship.

For this essay i want to compare how Cricks recommendation has influenced the English education system and compare it with the Turkish education system in Turkey which has been shaped and created by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was The Founder of modern Turkey. i want claim that both Bernard Crick and Mustafa Kemal Ataturks views are formed into one social structure and represents citizenship in education as a uniform standard which applies to all groups and peoplewhich live in their country. ( compare welfare model to republic model of citizenship).

Paragraph 1) introduction:add, explain citizenship useing Osler and Starkeys point of view
Paragraph 2) How well is social exclusion defined in England? plz agree with Osler and Starkys views and use their critisism.
how and what is the government aiming to do to socially include everyone? are poor students, gypsy travellers, Black students beeing truly incuded? or are they beein excluded?i belive excluded.
Paragraph 3)How is Tukey dealing with social exclusion? Ataturk did cause a split in society by wyping out arabic and banding head sgarfseven today no head sgafs are allowed in schools. Kurdish students are also beeing discriminated against, they have to obey the turkish rules…
Paragraph 4)Explain the citizenship education in Englandwhat does it aim to do? and is it really doing what it is ment to be doing for everyone?
paragraph 5) please in detail use Osler AND Starkeys Critism of Crick. is Cricks citizenship model global? or cosmopolitan?
paragraph 6) how does Starkeys and Oslers Critics apply to Turkeys model of citizenship?
paragraph 7) Conclusion. please be critical. is there benefits of citizenship education or is it all rubbish? would it be better to do consumer citizenship? be as critical as possibal 🙂
1)The Crick Report:difference,equality and racial justice. Author:Osler A

2)Citizenship,Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (Audrey Osler & Hugh Starkey)
3)Education Policy in Britain, Clyde
4) The Crick Report for citizenship education

And other sources which is relavant to essay

other resouse on Ataturk and turkey but i have no books. sorry