Itizenship : who belongs? in Bangkok Thailand

This essay should cover the static aspect of national law who belong. Please ensure that this essay demonstrates the following: 1. appreciation of background ideas and general debate relating to nationality and citizenship 2. what your focus area is 3. appreciation of the structure of the relevant citizenship rules within that area; scholarly detail of particular relevant rules 6. an analysis of how the rules you are looking at fit within the international structure. (The issues to be considered are all those of the first four session, but they do not all have to be addressed in detail; there would not be space to do justice to all the issues. Thus, for example, if your personal interest is in private law or human rights u might choose address a particular national provision relating to the law of citizenship in your chosen country (Bangkok, Thailand), how it relates to international law provisions and ideas about nationality generally. If ur focus is more on business, u might want to look at the treatment of private companies in ur chosen area and consider how this was shaped by the interaction of local conditions with the requirement of international trade. 7. I am non-native speaker so I would like you to use the simple words. 8. You have to use footnote (OSCOLA form)and bibliography if not i will loose my mark here are example if u use 8.1 citing a website; author, title of article, date of issue (if available), date of access 8.2 citing an article author, title of article (year) volume journal start page, pinpoint reference 8.3 citing an edited or translated book peter briks and grant Mcleod (trs), the institutes of justinian (Duckworth, London 1987) 8.4 citing a book author, title in italices (series title, edition publisher, place date) page. In this paper you MUST use both primary and secondary sources. I would like you to focus on these books Stephen Castle and mark J. Miller The Age of Migration Fourth edition (2009)(Basingstoke, Palgrave) or u can found it on the internet : The Castles and Miller book has a website Embassies also have websites which can be the source of concise and accurate information on the countrys nationality and immigration policies. Reliable websites such as those of the UNHCR provide citable details and statistics as well as commentary, also u can use some academic materials online : the journals international migration and international affairs. 9. Plagiarism are prohibited. In this assessment should include : clear identification of the point you are making and why it is important or interesting, clear identification of the relevant law (what it is and why it is relevant), thoroughness of analysis of relevant law in the context of international provisions, analysis of legal provisions in the light of historical, social, or political conditions. 10. Pls. use every information from UNtied Kingdom or Thailand. cuz am study in UK
U must use both primary and secondary sources, journal, website..etc.
Stephen Castles and Mark J. Miller The Age of Migration fourth edition (2009) (Basingstoke, Palgrave), the journals International Mirgration and International Affairs.