Itness and the importance of it/ specifically diet and exercise

a? Works citedformat correctly
a? In text citations a?Babies should not be cooked.a? (Contreas, 33)
As contreias stated, a?______a? (33)
a? Paraphrasingalways let the reader know where the paraphrasing starts
1. Make sure it is true evidence. It is supposed to relate and contribute (and add) to your explanations (and arguments)
2. Donat be redundant
3. Donat abuse them. Use them sporadically.
4. Never use quotes in a row
5. Quote length: 3 lines tops
6. No fragments
7. Only reliable sources
8. Donat use outside sources as leading arguments.
This paper should be about diet and fitness and examples of them…10 pages and please be on time..this paper is very expensive.