Ity Lives, Bodies Spaces and Social Interactions

1st ASSESSMENT: 1 question of 3000 word essay (50%) DEADLINE: 16th January 2009

1. Using London as a focus, evaluate Wirth?s argument that population size, social heterogeneity and population density shape social relations in the city.

2. Choose a film of your choice from the reading list. Provide a critical analysis of the uses and meanings of space in relation to power.

3. Evaluate Massey?s assertion that we need ?a progressive sense of place? to understand the unique character of cities.

4. Compare and contrast how the sense of touch and sight structure urban experiences.

5. Writers such as Young and Sennett suggest that the encounter between strangers in urban public places lead to a more tolerant society. Do you agree?

6. How does fear shape the physical and social structures of cities? Draw on empirical examples to support your arguments.

7. How can urban planning influence the creation of geographies of social in/exclusion in cities?