I.V in the Homeless in San Francisco, CA

Follow these instructions for writing your Community Needs Assessment. This assignment should be no more than 12 pages, (excluding title page, abstract, and reference list) and accounts for 30% of your course grade. Use the Scoring Rubric for this assignment as a guide for writing your paper.

1. Introduction/Description of aggregate (20 points)

The introduction provides the foundation for the paper. Include the following in your introduction:

a. Describe an aggregate or vulnerable population within a community that is at risk for health problems.

b. Describe this aggregate in terms of at least three (3) commonalities.

c. Discuss the diversity that exists within this aggregate.

Example topic: Need for respite care (health-related problem, issue, risk) for families of children who are medically-dependent and fragile (aggregate or vulnerable population) in the greater Capital District region of New York State (geographic community).”

2. Community Description (20 points)

a. Describe the geographic community within which the aggregate or vulnerable population resides.

b. Describe the dimensions of people, place, and function that serve as a framework.

c. Address partnerships within the community by including the sources of data or information, such as key informants, governmental agencies.

3. Health-related Problem, Issue, or Health Risk (20 points)

Identify a health-related problem, issue, or health risk and include the following:

a. Describe one health-related problem, issue, or health risk of the selected aggregate that is amenable to an intervention project or program that is within the scope of community health nursing practice.

b. Describe how the health-related problem, issue, or health risk is amenable to an intervention, project or program and explain how it relates to the scope of community health nursing practice.

c. Discuss the implications of the health-related problem, issue, or health risk for policy change and social implications at the systems level.

d. Explain how you as a masters prepared nurse would establish collaborative partnerships with the diverse community and interprofessional teams to address the needs and influence change for your selected population.

4. Problem Description and Rationale (20 points)

The problem description and rationale should include:

a. Describe the significant factors contributing to the health-related problem, issue, or risk.

b. Provide a rationale for selection of this health-related problem, issue, or health risk based on its relationship to a specific Healthy People 2020 objective.

5. Scholarly Writing (20 points)

The presentation and style of the paper are consistent with scholarly work and reflect use of APA format (6th ed.) Page Limit: 12 pages