Ive a comprehensive look at the way wine festivals market themselves from a gastronomic tourism perspective.

There are 4 wine festivals list (choose 1 only): Haro Wine Festival in Spain, Tokaj Wine Festival in Hungary, Madeira Wine Festival, Stuttgart Wine Festival. Please let me know which one you will choose before start to write.

Attention must be paid to:

1. History of the destination

2. Public/Private stakeholder involvement

3. Marketing and the target market

4. Establishment and the development of the destination

5. Critical success factors

6. Community impact

7. Use of special events

8. Elements of sustainability

9. Challenges and opportunities

10. Future directions of the destination

Finally, the report must be in-text reference and referencing list, when finding the information please using the websites and database (link URL) resources that I can access to see.

Thank you