Ive an account of the Junior Certificate curriculum in the republic of ireland

Give an account of the Junior Certificate currriculum in Ireland. State why it is so important and what are its strengths and weaknesses in relation to its relevance to a disadvantaged second level in school. I want to argue that the curriculum of the Junior Certificate does not do anything to prevent early school leaving. In other words that the aims of the Irish education system which are to promote a holistic all rounded education are not being meet in the current junior certificate curriculum. I am hoping to eventually say that a new curriculum needs to be developed which will firstly encourage kids from a disadvantaged area to stay in school and secondly even if kids continue to leave school early that a new curriculum needs to be developed that will see young people leave school after the junior certificate more educated in a holistic way and more prepared for the outside world

I need this essay to really evaluate the strenght and weaknesses of the Junior Curriculum in Irleand. This is the most important part of the essay. It must be a strong essay clear and concise. It must argue well especially for the weaknesses of the curriculum for a disadvantaged area where ofter the studnets are academically challenged,. I do not want much referene to the JCSP. I know of its exsistence. It can be acknowledged in the essay but I don;t want the essay on it.
All footnotes to the bottom of the page. Footnotes must indicate page number, author, and title of book.
Bibliography at end must be in alphabetical order stating authors name, city of publication, publishers, year and title.
I require references from books. I do not want just internet reference.