Ive Annotated Bibliography on Learning Sign Language or American Sign Language (ASL) for Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Dear Writer
An annotated bibliography (American Sign Language for Deaf) is a 20 to 25 sentence summary (one page or less) or abstract of key points in a journal article or book related to researches or studies in the domain of deaf education. APA style is used in the heading. Following the correct APA style heading, you write the summary. It is very important to provide me with the sources as PDF.
Im looking for new 5 annotated bibliographies, and I will attachment the 3 annotated bibliographies that I have it withe example of annotated bibliography and rubric (see the attachments). When I receive these 5 annotated bibliographies, I will send another order for the other 2 annotated bibliographies which are related to the same topic. Then I will ask you to mix all the 10 studies and make connection between them in about 15 pages discussing 1topic.
Id like to make search for five different theoretical studies or articles about learning sign language or American Sign Language (ASL) in deaf people from birth to higher education. So Iam looking for any theoretical studies which talk about the following:
1What is the importance to learn the sign language or (ASL) for deaf?
2What are the problems or difficulties may face the deaf when they learning the sign language /(ASL)?
3What are the ways of learning the sign language/ASL for deaf people in United State?
4What are the advantages and disadvantages to learn the sign language/ASL for deaf?
5Which is the best age to learn sign language/ASL for deaf?
6How many schools in US which teach deaf American Sign Language?
7How many deaf students who learning American Sign Language in US?
Every study must be related to at least one question or more from above questions. I will provide you an example, which I have, to follow it. Please, DO NOT forget that point to the PAGE and LINE that you will take info from it “(see the attachments for example). Also, DO NOT forget to provide me the all sources as PDF files.
For now I just need 5studies as I mentioned early. I gave you all details to make a good plan for coming work.
Best wishes,