Ive-Axis Diagnosis of an Anxiety or an Adjustment Disorder

Topic: Five-Axis Diagnosis of an Anxiety or an Adjustment Disorder

Peopleas reactions to severely stressful situations can be influenced by their own cultural beliefs about the causes and implications of those situations. One culture might recommend meditation, and another medication. In this Application, you will examine the role culture might play in a diagnosis of an anxiety or adjustment disorder.

To prepare:
Review the case study: (I will upload the case studies)

Select a case (other than a case of PTSD)

Consider how culture or ethnicity could influence the diagnosis or treatment planning.

The assignment: (1a 2 pages)

Compare an anxiety disorder with an adjustment disorder (similarities and differences).

Explain factors that complicate a diagnosis of anxiety versus an adjustment disorder.

Using the case you selected, explain how ethnicity and background may affect the diagnosis.