Ive different sources of risk capital financing

Through an internet search each student is to identify, describe, compare and contrast different sources of risk capital financing including angel investors, crowd funding, early and later stage seed funding venture capital firms, publicprivate partnerships, corporate risk capital funds, and others. follow up communications, select and describe 5 different risk capital financing entities including (as available):
1. The size of the venture fund,
2. The number of investments typically made per year,
3. The types of industries invested in,
4. The types and sizes of companies invested in,
5. The geographic regions invested in,
6. The major factors used to evaluate potential investments,
7. The methodologies used to value firms,
8. The structure, length, and detail of proposals required of entrepreneurs who are seeking financing,
9. The typical types of financing provided, and
10. The percentage of firms considered who get financing. Each student is to write a
10 page report
summarizing the available information on the identified new venture financing sources. Please focus on the most important information that you believe entrepreneurs may find helpful in the future.