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Paper: Research and investigate five instances in which you find a formal or informal logical fallacy of reasoning during one of this fallas presidential (or vice-presidential) debates. Each fallacy will be one page of the paper for a total of five pages. Begin each page by defining and explaining the fallacy itself, e.g., if you find an Ad Hominem, first describe what constitutes an Ad Hominem fallacy and why it is not a fair method of argumentation. Then explain the instance during the debate in which you think the fallacy was committed. Then clearly and explicitly connect the fallacy to your example by describing in detail why this particular instance of reasoning commits the fallacy you chose. You must explain why the example is a fallacy; do not merely state that it is a fallacy. Guidelines are: 5 full pages double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1a? margins, stapled, proper grammar and citations. Each paper must meet these exact requirements in order to receive a grade.