Ive forces model, Differences of Product/Brand, & Global pricing

Answer questions 10-12 (below). Write a brief paper (4 pages, double-spaced) describing your thoughts on the three topics listed below using the assigned readings for the course, and external sources (minimun 2 sources each question). Your paper should define the concepts, and could include examination of the theoretical basis for your answer, theoretical extensions, criticisms, applications, or further research. Learners are encouraged to go beyond a simple answer to the questions, and instead contribute their own ideas. Be sure to cite sources in APA format. Also, please provide a brief introduction in regards to the topics and brief conclusion to sum up findings.

My suggestions
1/2-3/4 page introduction
1 page for number 10
3/4 to 1 page for number 11
1 page for number 12
1/2 to 3/4 for the conclusions

10. Outline Porter s five forces model of industry competition. How are the various barriers of entry relevant to global marketing?

11. What are the differences among a local, a national, an international, and a global product or brand? Cite examples.

12. What are the three alternative approaches to global pricing? Which one would you recommend to a company that has global market aspirations?