Ive Star Beer Breweing–Pay for Performance Case Study

We are to do a case study for the Five Star Brewing company. Here are the details:

Factual Data:
1. Define the problems a a list of critical facts
2. Include only objective material you found in the case.

1. State assumptions, if any, you believe are essential to solving the case.

Problems to Solve:
1. List your final decisions reached concerning the causes of the problems(s) to solve.

1. State your advice concerning concerning the best solutions to the case problems. Be specific and match to conclusions/problems.
2. List recommendations in priority order, but no more than three recommendations;prase concisely and be clear.

1. Indicate how the recommendations can best be implemented in practical operation; be specific, concise and clear.
2. Relate to each recommendation specifically by its corresponding number. Recommendation 1 relates to implementation 1 and so forth.

1. List the one primary advantage of your recommendations and implementations.
2. List one primary disadvantage of your recommendations and implementations.