Ive-Year Career Development Plan (Human Resource Management Course)

Using Chapter 11-13 of Fundamentals of Human Resource Management by Noe, R.A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B. & Wright, P.M. (2007). (2nd ed.). New York, NY:McGraw-Hill, Internet, and additional resources, prepare a 1000 word paper in which you create your own 5-year career development plan. Your plan must include the following: 1.Career goals and objectives, 2. Possible promotional opportunities for career growth., 3. Methods for career management, 4.An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education, 5. Job satisfaction attributes., 6. Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives., 7. Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals. 8. An analysis of the affect of career training programs. Cite your sources. Information for the Five-Year Career Development currently this person works in a business office for a school district and is going to school to get a Bachelors in Business Management. This person has the opportunity to move from a Business Office Manager Assistant in the Business Office to a Business Manager once she obtains her degree. She has had 15 years of experience in working in the business department and is in fourth year of college. Her current duties are assist in supervising Business Office personnel including payroll, employee benefits, accounts payable and receivable. Assist with overseeing department of budgeting, tax collection, all bank accounts, accounting records, annual financial reports, audits, federal and state grants, health and wellness service contracts.