Iversity Comparison of Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies

I. Introduction: This will cover the overall diversity in law enforcement agencies in the United States based on 2014 information.

II. Types of Enforcement Agencies

a. Local City and Township Police Departments in Richmond, Virginia and Daytona Beach, Florida will be utilized for this section as I have a working knowledge of both of these department structures.
b. State Virginia and Florida will be utilized to keep with the format dictated by the Local sections.
c. Federal

III. Diversity Ratios

a. Local I will compare the differences between Richmond, Virginia and Daytona Beach, Florida in regard to Women, Caucasian, Black, Hispanic and other ethnical backgrounds based on ranks and promotions. This will be gathered from public data that is filed with the respective States.
b. State I will again compare the differences at the State level for Virginia and Florida based to keep with the format dictated by the Local sections.
c. Federal I will compare the State data to the Federal law enforcement agencies to include the same comparisons as in the Local and State sections.

IV. Conclusion This section will be a breakdown of the findings in the Diversity Ratio section and include any pertinent information regarding any previous (two years) or current litigation pertaining to diversity in the workplace at any of the agencies reviewed for this term paper.

Added on 08.03.2015 11:43
The paper is to follow the outline and only reference the law enforcement agencies noted on the City and State end. It must show cultural diversity and how it affects the workplace. If you have any links to charts they can be added at the end. Will have to have actual numbers and references to where those numbers came from. If you are able to have this completed by Thursday I will include an extra tip for the project.