Iversity.Team work.Communication.Motivation.

The main question how and why each topic important for organisation(provide 1 exapmple of the UK organisation for each topic) and people, workers.
From the above names of topics, you need to write 500 words about each topic in turn. In each paragraph is included: Brief introduction about Diversity, then main body, brief conclusion.The same structure should be in every topic.
Depending on the topic,there are some points which should include in the paragraph:
1.An understanding, recognition and awareness of the key management and personal skills required for effectiveness in contemporary organisational settings.
2.To develop an appreciation of the importance of individual identity, cultural awareness and the need to be responsive to changing internal and external environments
3.Demonstrate a basic understanding and application of the range of management, transferable, personal and communication skills expected in a contemporary organisational environment, and how these are influenced by cultural diversity, including the use and impact of information communication technologies.
4.Explain and demonstrate appropriate team working skills and organisational skills, and the role of motivation in relation to individual and team effectiveness.
5.Recognise and discuss the importance of people as individuals within organisations and the importance of individual self awareness, self reflection and self development.
6.Review the nature of change within organisations (internal and external factors) and skills necessary to maximise opportunity.
7. Reflection(brief, compressed)on each of the four topic areas ,summary and conclusion.