Ivic Education at secondary school level in Australia

I felt like what Ive written is too much of a research paper, however the paper needs to be rather a discussion paper (arguments) instead of research paper, therefore please refer to the following as what my lecturer expects.

Moreover, there are quite a lot of titles and subtitles in bold, I wasnt sure how I should format and edit the information to the following structure.

Discuss the form of civic education that exists in Australia.
4a500 -5a000 words

**Describe (Not too much)
** Analyse a  Argument (academic)
a  No opinion
a  No arrogant assertion

Title Question

1.) I will arguea¦
2.) How to make the argument
3.) What is contained in this essay
4.) Explain the structure of the essay

- General Background (eg: Location / Time that should be considered)
- The meaning of key terms (explanation)
- Focus (Primary school? Secondary School?)

3-4 issues; 1 per section - Research Question
- Evidence (eg: stats)
- Alternative arguments + their weaknesses
- Provisional / tentative
- The sections should be linked a  Coherence + Consistent

**Range of views a  Different P.O.V.


APA referencing