Ivic Literacy Storytelling essay (My turn)

Unit Three Paper: Civic Literacy. Using Stories to Pursue Social Justice Locally, Nationally, and/or Globally.

Using Chapter 18 in ABGW as a guide, students are to write an open-form essay for Newsweekas a?My Turna? feature. This essay should connect personal experiencea or the experience of a family member or close frienda with a social justice issue at the local, national, or global level. By open-form, we mean replacing top-down, thesis-support structures with a more open, engaging, and evocative approach that guides readers to the intended point, as ABGW (2012) says, making them a?codiscoverers of ideas and insightsa? (p. 496). Open form calls for attention to aesthetic language, again in the words of ABGW, a?language used to please and entertaina? (p. 496). The main challenge here is audience. Writing to engage/invoke a public audience is a kind of writing different than typical academic writing. Furthermore, this essay is to be neither an autobiography nor a letter to the editor. Its goal is to engage readers with the writeras story and ideas. Two important format stipulations: (1) the a?My Turna? model puts strict constraints on length: 1,000 words, and (2) instead of any academic references, students need to weave in any external source as a magazine article would.

I will attached you all the material that the instructor gave it to us to write the story. There are some sample papers written as an example. He told us to take a social issue and relate story to that. a such issue will be as food/ fast food children/ raisingmoney/ poverty.. etc. I was thinking to do about stereotyping, BUT you are free to chose what ever topic you can.

Pleas pick me a simple topic, but in the same time an interesting one. I am not a native speaker and I have to do an oral presentation in that essay.

Please contact me when you decide the topic that you gonna writ about before you do it also if you have any question.

Thank you