Ivil Engineering Construction a Assignment 1

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the basic design forms and common construction techniques for working underground, together with the importance of early site investigation
2. Appreciate the types of problems encountered and how to overcome them
3. Be aware of legal and safety aspects affecting this type of work

Instructions to the candidates;

1. Write a report on a project where the site investigation was either very good; leading to an avoidance of potential problems in the project, or was inadequate; thereby missing problems which could have been avoided had a thorough site investigation been carried out.

2. Research an individual case study of a deep shaft-sinking project. Examine and report on the project, and describe the problems encountered in sinking the shaft in the various sub-strata encountered, together with the techniques used, or which are available to be used, to overcome the problems, and explain the safety aspects involved.

(note: the same project can be chosen for both the site investigation question and the shaft sinking question, but separate reports must be prepared for each question)

The assignment will be marked according to the standard marking grid. There is a minimum criterion that all sections should be covered and show a level of competence. (2000 words +10%)