Ivil Engineering Construction Foundations/Retaining Walls/Superstructures

Note -This is an assignment for HNC Year 1.
The course lecturer likes case studies and some illustrations.

task 1 Foundations
Utilising a case study,discuss a suitable method for the study chosen.The discussion should focus on possible or specific construction problems.Alternative solutions should be commented on,along with reasons to favour underpinning.
Task 2 Retaining Walls
a. Discuss both gravity and cantilever retaining walls,and thier relevant suitability for differing circumstances
b. Discuss the influence of water pressure behind a retaining wall and comment on the differing methods of dealing with the problem
Task 3 Superstructures
a. Compare and discuss the advantages and disadvantages between in-situ concrete,precast and structural steel as a framework for medium rise structures
b. Various types of cladding are used in medium rise structures.
Comment on the performance and suitability of the same.
Basic soil mechanics 3rd edition
R. Whitlow ISBN 0-582-23631-2
Introduction to civil engineering constructionR.Holmes ISBN 1899 769 307