Ivil Engineering Dissertation(2nd Year Dissertation,Undergraduate)

Number of sources:as many as appropriate

Dissertation Title: Design Principles of High and Low Roads

Dear Writer,

Thanks for ur time and effort! my tutor didnt mention any other academic requirements apart from constrution of the dissertation. im a level 2 civil engineering student studying in a British university,and i dont wanna push u,but it is a bit rush, if you could finish it as soon as possible,id be really really thankful!!!

As i just phoned the website information centre, one of the operators said ,for the 10000-words papers could be up to 10 days, for this 7500 words one could be finished earlier.

As the deadline is very close, and when its done, i have to write a diary for it. it takes ages for an international student like me to read through and fully understand a 7500 words paper.Im not rushing you for a perfect 7500 words paper, as long as its 2:2 standard and could finish in aroud 7 days,Id be truely grateful!!!!

Many many many thanks!

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