Ivil Engineering Structural Concentration

Hello, how are you doing. I need your help with this failure analysis. Attachment is like a outline about what should be write. The most important thing about this analysis is to analyze the objects material behavior, what is it made of, why does the object become failure. Anyway, the first thing is we need to do is to choose an object to analyse, you can think one,You can come up with your idea and I dont mind, as long as it works. also I was thinking about the cloth-hanger, some of the cloth-hanger are made of weak materials, if the cloth is heavy than the hanger can support, there is a failure occur, the hanger will be broke at some point or bending somehow. So we should focus on the material property, stress by load, material cycle fatigue, material behavior in order to come up with a good analysis. For the critical stress, I would expect you to come up with some real numbers, like the load which the critical stress fail the object. But be aware of we should contain the actual picture about the failure object, also dont forget to draw the sketch, the dimensions of the object on the paper, you can use pen to draw it and scan it.
U can use 3 reference and 3 cites.
Please contain all the elements that the outline required.