Ivil Engineering,Module Title:Professional Development, Assignment Title:Professional Knowledge

I am a civil engineering secand year
This coursework is the second part of the Professional Development Module. It requires the student to investigate an area of relevance to them in achieving career goals. It should be identified from the work carried out by the student in the first assignment. It should include evidence of continuing professional development and engagement with engineering institutions or professional bodies.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the assignment, the student should be able to:-
2. Demonstrate knowledge in their specialist technical area

The Brief
Students have put together a personal development proposal which may have been signed off by their industrial supervisor. It would have related to a specialist technical area and the report must underpin at least one of the overall future career plan objectives

Students should choose an aspect of the area they want to work in and research that area. An outline of the prospects and outlook for that particular sector would be an essential pre-cursor, followed up by a detailed study of an area of interest. For instance, if a student wanted to work in the building or civil engineering industry then research on new types of construction might be appropriate. If they wanted to be an architectural technologist then research into detailing and modern creative development might be appropriate.

It is expected to end with a set of conclusions which incorporate suggestions for further study to achieve the next stages in professional development.

Special note:
Should the student wish to submit a presentation for technician membership of a professional body then this can form the basis of the report. This must discussed in advance with the module tutor.

Reading Materials
Module lecture and support notes.
Internet websites i.e. PDP on UDo (provides a template)

Submission Requirements
Individual 4000 word report with 4 main sections:

1. Updated Career Development action Plan including areas for engagement with professional bodies.
2. Outlook of the relevant industry and prospects for employment within chosen area.
3. Area of Specific Research (50% of marks awarded)
4. Relevant aspects of sustainable development within construction and civil engineering.