Ivil Partnership, Marriage & Cohabitation

a? Read the title carefully
a? Consider any areas of controversy/uncertainty/change
a? If any topics relating to 2-consider the arguments for both sides.
a? Be as factual and detailed as possible
a? Check the use of languageeg incorrect use of plurals/misspellings/punctuation/inappropriate use of informal language/footnotes must be given after a case.
a? Summarise and conclude
a? Use cases from the two power points that I sent
a? Make sure work is referenced accurately


a?The number of cohabitating couples has recently increased from 2.95 million in 1996 to 5.9 million in 2012a (Source: Office for National Statistics, November 2012).

Explain and critically assess whether and if so how, the existing law on property rights of cohabiting couples differ from the rights of married couples and/or civil partners.

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard referencing