Ivil Rights Act, Affirmative Action and Racial Discrimination Employment Law

Describe and differentiate between the two types of discrimination: Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment outlined in the text on page 171, 177, and 180.
What is the significance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? Describe when the EEOC was established and its responsibility.
Describe the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 including the reporting and Affirmative Action Plan requirements. Describe the various deficiencies noted by the Civil Service Commission in many of the Affirmative Action Plans noted on pg. 198.
To successfully complete the project, the following are the minimum requirements:

Complete a twoto three-page paper in APA format: 12 pt font, double spaced, indented paragraphs, citations, reference list, etc.
Include introductory and summary paragraphs.
Limit the use of direct quotations; instead, paraphrase and cite the authors work.
Reinforce your personal opinions with outside references and cite all works used.
Demonstrate your understanding of the weekly objectives through your response.
Ensure that each question given is answered within the content of your paper.
Assignment Checklist:

1. Critique the implications of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including its significant features and exemptions
2. Compare and contrast between disparate treatment and disparate impact
3. Conclude the importance of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act
4. Justify policies against race discrimination