Ivil Rights Movement Biography Project: Congressman John Lewis

Biography on Congressman John Lewis

In order to better aid the learning of the civil rights movement our class will conduct a short research project that will include an in depth presentation of an individual who made an impact in this period of history. Following are the requirements:
A. Using the internet, reference materials, magazines and any other fact based medium, work individually to research your person of interest that lived during the civil rights movement.
B. Each student must create a power point presentation/video/webpage of their specific person. Look to the rubric for details on what should be included within your presentation.
C. Each student must provide the class a a?biography carda? of their specific person, look to the rubric for details on what should be included with your a?biography carda?.

Originality Presentation shows considerable originality and creativity. The content andideas are presented in a unique and interesting way.
Content AccuracyAll content throughout the presentation is accurate. There are not factual errors.
Sequencing of InformationInformation is organized in a clear, logical way. It is easy toanticipate the type of material that might be on the next slide.
Time a LimitPresentation is 10-15 minutes long.

Biography Power Point Rubric
Expectations (5 pts)
a? Introduction
a? Famous Personas Picture
a? Quote/Story to capture audienceas attention
a? Date of Birth
a? Hometown Picture
Early Life (5 pts)
a? Family Upbringing
a? Education
a? Personal Impacts
a? Pictures with family/role model
Career (5 pts)
a? What did they do for a job?
a? How did the Civil Rights Movement impact the job of your person ?
a? Challenges he/she may have faced.
a? Picture of the person in their respective career.
Major Accomplishments (5 pts)
a? What are 4 things that stand out that the person did while the Civil Rights Movement was unfolding?
a? How would this person make it in the history books?
a? Picture of the person with their accomplishments.
Change the World (5 pts)
a? What did they do to help change the world? (Positive/Negative)
a? Life Today (5 pts)
a? How did they die?
a? Where did they die?
a? Any memorial for the person?
a? If alive, where are they now?
a? If alive, what are they doing to educate people about the Civil Rights movement?
Creativity (5 pts)
Biography Card (5pts) Total of 40 pts