Ivil rights movement from a global perspective

Essay must include an argument from Mary Dudziak, excerpts from Cold War, Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy chapters and a?We Return Fightinga?: Veterans, Racial Militancy and Postwar Politics a?Amzie Moorea? chapter

Essay must include a introduction that does not reapeat the prompt, several essay paragraphs and a conclusion. Dont just list examples.
The modern Civil Rights Movement is remembered as a domestic (national) struggle over racial equality and the nature of American democracy. Recently, however, some scholars have argued that the movement can only be truly understood if we view it within an international framework, taking into account global politics. Which side would you take in this debate? Please discuss at least three distinct substantial issues in your essay to prove your point. Examples include but are not limited to: race and U.S. involvement in the war itself; postwar international diplomacy; Cold War policy; Japanese internment; the Bracero program; race and immigration policy.