Ivil rights Movement from WWII Until 1968

I attached the paper and the handout that I want you to read very carefully. this paper worth 30% from my grade so please make sure to edited very good. You can see in the handout the Referencing part you should support the paper with a reference and you should use Give My Liberty book as a historian you know this book. Here is some details ( Last night we watched two films dealing with Civil Rights issues, and I handed out two timelines on the Civil Rights movement basically from the 1930s until 1968. I also gave you questions to answer on the Aint Scared of Your Jailsvideo dealing with the sit-ins in Nashville and the Freedom Rides that followed. Youll have noticed the some of the ministers had SCLC under their names; some of the students had SNCC under their names; and some of the activists had CORE under their names. What do those acronyms stand for? Its on the handouts and in your text and you must understand this if you do this topic.)