Ivil society and religious figures in Saudi Arabia Transfer report

Hello Writer,

This is a Transfer report from MPhil to PhD, I dont know what I should write in it as I couldnt be in london while the transfer workshop nor the supervisor much of help. I tried to brows online maybe you have better idea than I do.

these are some points I think of right now if you have any question that help to make the report more personal please send me back.

The first and a half year were divided between:

1-Attending master course seminars of Democracy and Islam at the university
2-Attending university workshops and seminars in addition to other open lectures in other universities.
3-Developing my knowledge on research and reading the literature related.
4-Submitting application registry and writing literature review chapter.

The other half was preparing for fieldwork:
1-plan set up
2-preparing interview questions, and selecting CSOs.
3-writing the methodology chapter
4preparing for PhD transfer

the coming year future plan:
1continuing fieldwork in Saudi
2-taking the transfer viva
3-amending and adding on methodology chapter
4-analyzing interviews resulted from fieldwork in saudi
5-start writing up period to produce findings and conclusion

Referencing Requirements:
there is in previous works Im going to attach.