Ivil War Era: Slavery. The essay asks for 2 people in the description Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln will do.

The assignment for the essay is to select some
controversy relevant to American history during the period covered in this course. Then,
develop an essay that compares the opinions and supporting evidence of two or more
historians or participants in that event, decision or pertinent question. The purpose of the
essays is not to develop a chronological descriptive narrative of what happened. The
purpose is to identify a theme for which you will explain the arguments and supporting
evidence on two sides of an issue, analyze each side, then come to your own conclusion
based on your evaluation and the evidence you present (not unsubstantiated opinion).
Do not allow the narrative progression to be the organizational principle behind your
essay. Organize your essay in a manner that logically constructs your comparison and
The introductory paragraph of your essay should clearly state your topic and identify at
least two people with differing viewpoints that you plan to compare. Your essay should
explain those viewpoints and the evidence used to support each, and then provide your own
analysis on the validity of each position. Sources must be either primary sources or secondary academic sources (sources
authored by scholars). Sources that will not be accepted are general encyclopedias,
the course readings, textbooks, or general online web sites such as Wikipedia.
The paper is due 11/30/2012 at 5:00pm but i need it done before then or i will fail this class. The number of sources says 8 but honestly feel free to use what you think you need to develop this essay.