Ivilian contract security in Afghanistan and Iraq

TopicCivilian contractors as security (mercenarys) in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Discuss political ramifications, Geneva convention applications, Rules of engagement, History of mercenarys and their application in the Congo, Balkans, etc. Discuss Insurgency atitudes towards contractors versus attitudes of U.S. and coalition forces, discuss any tie-in regarding international law? Are they subject?, pay and benefits compared to military performing same or similar job, Discuss equipmet used (common weaponry, equiptment, vehicles, and training-tactical and emergency medical),governemt contracts, logistics and sustainablity, cost effectivenss, profile of typical contract operator and background (special forces, ranger, gurhka, etc), different companies: Blackwater, Steele corp., Triple Canopy. Discuss casualty numbers versus U.S. military and coalition casualtys in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Core of a larger critical thinking research paper. Prefer endnotes with eigth (8) reference sources.