Ivine Command Theory vs. Natural Law Theory

Essay Topic:
What are the main tenets of Natural Law Theory? Discuss some of the ethical implications of the theory. How is this theory different from Divine Command Theory. Articulate at least two objections to Natural Law Theory, or articulate one objection, and craft a response to that objection defending Natural Law Theory.

Definition of Divine Command Theory(According to my professor in his/her words): What is right is whatever god says is right.
Paired with the notion of divine punishment, we have no reason to act morally.
Figuring out which texts are correct is difficult.
Many interpretation of the same text.
Ancient texts often have nothing to say about modern problems.

Definition of Natural Law Theory(According to my professor in his/her words): Everything has a purpose and what is serves as a guide to what ought to be.

This essay is not to be summarize of the source material. Rather, you are expected to sketch out the position in question, and address it critically. The critical portion of this paper should be the larger portion of the essay, and can consist either of a criticism of the original position, or a defense of the original position against some criticism. You are not to include autobiographical comments, such as whether or not you subscribe to a given position.

Please have this paper written by someone who has educational background in Philosophy/Ethics…Thank You.

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